Projects implemented

How do we do that

Environment, especially nature, gives us lots of various possibilities how to use it. Some of us use it for raw materials (wood, sand, etc.), the others destroy it by constructing urban monuments (buildings; roads, etc.). Our branch of activity involves adjusting nature to active recreation needs by maintaining the environment as intact as possible.

Making of a project

A project is made when an idea meets with a location where it is intended to be implemented. Not always there is a possibility to fully use the location for the implementation of the idea, and not always the original idea is well-elaborated to use the full potential of the location. Our experience and professional opinion come to help in these situations when we either perfect the idea or adjust the environment.

When discrepancy of the idea and environment has been prevented, we start with sketching, calculation and planning. The types and height of tracks do not depend only on the needs of a customer, but also on the environment – tree trunk diameter, distance between them, branches, etc. Mounting of wooden constructions (a house, a platform, etc.) in the nature depends on its specific character and status (e.g. nature reserve).

Our experience and knowledge help us to prevent the most problems occurred in construction in the nature already within the development stage of the project.  It allows us not only to plan the usage of the environment more successfully, but also to ensure more rational construction and gentle attitude towards the nature.


The construction of a rope track park can also be elaborated in a detailed manner as it is done in any construction work which is carried out according to a project. This process is respectively made more creative by working with nature elements – trees and terrain, as well as its specific characteristic – industrial mountaineering components. Our most successful work in construction of a rope track park is in England where we needed detailed estimation of all the materials, equipment and allotted time. As the best example of our technical performance is construction of a rope track park “Milzu taka”, where mounting of the track was in  Zilie Kalni  on the trees which were growing on a steep hill and made a complicated access to the trees.

When working on a construction in trees, such as wooden frame houses or terrace, or constructing a rope track park on posts, a construction plan which defines the construction size, materials and joining should be taken into consideration.


When a rope track park is put into operation, a customer receives operational technical conditions which describe in detail the rules for the usage based on both instructor and visitor conduct and safety code. This basis for a successful operation and economic activity is a seasonal inspection of a rope track park and training of inspectors.