Gaisa takas


„Gaisa takas” of Tervete consist of various constructions of wire rope, rope and wood located 4-10 metres above the ground. The track has a small, medium and large segment which make it total almost 500 metres. The highest point of a small segment (SMALL TRACK) is 4 m above the ground and it consists of 13 parts which are easy to accomplish and perfect for smaller size children, people with movement problems or beginners. Children up to 5 years are allowed only with an accompanying adult.

Medium and large segment (LARGE TRACK) is 4-10 metres above the ground and they consist of 32 parts which are of average difficulty and high difficulty. Height restriction – 1.40 m.

Walking in the Gaisa takas you can feel like a world discoverer Spriditis from the story by Anna Brigadere and go on an exciting trip to Happy Land meanwhile enjoying his adventures. For example, walk along a narrow path, get into a bog, meet Mother of Forest, feel the winds, climb hillocks, win the devil and many other surprising activities. This all is possible because of the construction and imagination. But for those who would like only to catch the 4 winds, we offer a decent of 200 m!

The rope track is meant for school children and young people, but also adults can enjoy it, because our slogan is:

„Everyone can!”

The adventure up in the air is secured by Swiss security system SAFEROLLER (,which prevents any chance of fall by connecting ALL the parts of the track to the system.

Offer and prices

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